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문서생성을 위한 문법

pear install PhpDocumentor


You need the cli version of PHP (php-cli.exe or cli/php.exe in 4.3.0+).
Either run phpDocumentor from the directory that PHP resides in, or put
php.exe in your DOS PATH enviroment variable.  The simplest usage of phpDocumentor is:

C:\>php.exe "C:\Path\To\phpdoc" -t targetdir -o HTML:default:default -d parsedir

Make sure that the cgi/cli version of PHP is in your path.  The simplest usage
of phpDocumentor is:

phpdoc -t targetdir -o HTML:default:default -d parsedir


phpDocumentor Tags
 * @abstract
 * @access       public or private
 * @author       author name <author@email>
 * @copyright    name date
 * @deprecated   description
 * @deprec       alias for deprecated
 * @example      /path/to/example
 * @exception    Javadoc-compatible, use as needed
 * @global       type $globalvarname or
 * @global       type description of global variable usage in a function
 * @ignore
 * @internal     private information for advanced developers only
 * @param        type [$varname] description
 * @return       type description
 * @link         URL
 * @name         procpagealias or
 * @name         $globalvaralias
 * @magic        phpdoc.de compatibility
 * @package      package name
 * @see          name of another element that can be documented,
 *                produces a link to it in the documentation
 * @since        a version or a date
 * @static
 * @staticvar    type description of static variable usage in a function
 * @subpackage    sub package name, groupings inside of a project
 * @throws       Javadoc-compatible, use as needed
 * @todo         phpdoc.de compatibility
 * @var        type    a data type for a class variable
 * @version    version

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